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Master vocalist and jazz hybrid singer Somi

Somi’s new record, The Lagos Music Salon, is a vocal masterpiece. Artistic work of this caliber rarely finds its way to mainstream accessibility. Somi has a complexity of musical vocal arrangement that is typically found in an orchestra’s soloist. Each song’s movement give hope to music that delivers a life-changing experience based on the octaves usually saved for studio-only records. A world citizen musician, Somi bridges cultural identity to allow her voice to be musically understood by the world.

The start of The Lagos Music Salon places you on a jet and into a conversation with the culture of the most beautiful music created recently in the jazz area. It would be great for this record to cross over and be played in the morning because it is very bright and energetic. “The Last Song” has all the musical value we can expect of music from an artist headed for a Grammy. It takes you on a journey that shares the range of her voice while the music dances in your head asking why has she not sung to me before?  The song also makes you think of the meaning of the human experience. The song “Still Your girl” is relatable to all men.

Somi has so much to offer to music lovers who have been looking for new energy that will inspire them. A gift to your self would be to catch her at a small salon singing to an intimate crowd like the one artist Theaster Gates produced at his studio in Chicago. Somi is a much-needed voice in the jazz and soul world.