Traci Braxton defends freaky show: ‘Keep your opinions to yourself’


Traci Braxton took the big leap into a solo career this year and she’s released her new album, Crash & Burn this week. Braxton’s had the singles “Last Call” and “Stay Sippin'” (with Raheem DeVaughn) all across the Web, but she got a different kind of attention a couple of weeks ago after she performed at Howard University. Her set featured a striptease for her husband, Kevin, and she spoke to rolling out about how initially terrified she was of going all out onstage.

“When I first got up on the stage, I was so nervous,” says Braxton. “My leg was shaking so much, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ That was one of the first performances I’ve done without my sisters. So what can you do? I said ‘This is your show and you need to show people who you are and what you are about.'”

But once Braxton made up her mind, she threw herself into the performance, seductively teasing Kevin as she straddled him in a chair. She enjoyed the experience and dismisses any naysayers who’ve criticized the Howard show.

“When I dance for my husband, that’s what it is: my husband,” she says defiantly. “It’s not for no one else, it’s not a stranger. People are going to say what they want to say. What if I dance with a stranger —what are they going to say? ‘She’s out there dancing with a man that’s not her husband.’ Keep your opinions to yourself because that’s my husband!”

“I love him. I live with him. We pay bills together,” Braxton continues. “I’d rather do it for my husband to show him how much I love him and what I think of him than to do it with somebody else. Why would I do that?”

Braxton admits that she’s been nervous about her journey as a solo artist; having been associated with her sisters for so long via music and their reality TV show “Braxton Family Values.” But she shares that one particular song on the album helped her express her frustrations and insecurities regarding her career path and she’s happy where she is now.

“My favorite song on the album is ‘Passion’ and it talks about loving something for so long and wanting and the thing is not coming to you and not understanding why you’re not getting that attention,” Braxton explains. “I’m wondering why am I not getting that attention when it’s coming to everybody else. I’m talking about music. I had to mature and find out what the music really means to me and where I want to go with it in life. You can want something so bad, but why do you want it in life?”

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