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Zane talks single men intimidated by her erotic sensibility


“I’m so excited to finally see my work on a really big screen. People who’ve seen it so far really love it,” Zane shares, smiling as she talks about her best-seller of the same name, Addicted, which hits theaters Oct. 10. “I am very happy.”

Starring Sharon Leal (Zoe Reynard), Boris Kodjoe (Jason Reynard), Tyson Beckford (Corey) and William Levy (Quinton Canosa), Addicted is a risqué drama that takes you on a stimulating ride that’s sure to thrill and fulfill your wildest fantasy.

Here’s a note for Zane fans, you can’t predict the movie based on what you’ve read. “So many people have read the book so we mixed it up, but the message is still the same. It shows that sexual addiction is real and as with any addiction, you can lose it all and your life can end up out of control,” notes the Maryland native.

When did she learn she was a gifted writer?
“I was told I was a gifted writer when I was in the third grade. I always had a vivid imagination and I never saw myself being a professional writer until the late 90s. I decided to take the leap in the early 2000s.”

Whose decision was it to cast all the male eye candy (Kodjoe, Beckford and Levy)?
“I had the first conversation with the director, Bille Woodruff. I asked him about Boris and he assured me he was serious about acting. We started there and had to be cognizant that Zoe would be married to Jason, a really handsome man, and she would cheat. We had to be methodical and make it realistic that someone could cross the line … everybody has fantasies and desires, but sooner or later, they cross the line.

Beckford and Levy are the types of men that would make women contemplate taking that leap.

On being an author of 18 erotic novels and on ending up on the New York Times best-seller list 26 times, she illustrates sexuality well. Does she find it intimidating for men who are trying to date her?
“To some men. But for the one who is intimidated, he’s not the one for me anyway. I am in a relationship. It takes a strong alpha male to deal with me.”

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  1. Tae'lur Alexis on October 14, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Omfg she knew what she doing when she picked William Levy!! William Levy?? Omg yesssss I’m watching!!!