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‘It’s population control!’ 5 Ebola conspiracy theories debunked


With Ebola hitting U.S. soil and the entire world on edge regarding this horrific and debilitating disease, it’s important for Americans to have an understanding of what is real and what is not regarding so many of the hoaxes, conspiracy theories and outright lies being spread about this virus. Conspiracy theories have been running amok as of late, with social media being overrun with “The Truth About Ebola” videos and news links that proport to have “evidence” of a government conspiracy to engineer and use the disease for everything from pharmaceutical profits to ethnic cleansing to population control to the implementation of martial law.

So here are five of the most popular Ebola conspiracy theories that you’re likely to run across on Facebook and Twitter — and a little bit of fact-checking to help you navigate between the real and the sensationalized.

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  1. butterbeanbabe on October 14, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    1. DUNCAN WAS LET OVER HERE BY JUST A QUESTIONAIR ? he lied on a quesionair really yall/? and we thought people had to be tested ..after the two folks from atlanta was bought here in space suites .. joke right ?
    2 . DUNCAN WAS BLACK more than likely they thought blacks would be infected more though social gatherings amongst each other .
    3. duncan was not the only afrixcan let over here from liberia how many more are here sleeping with black females . . african men come here and pay african american women to marry them .. to get a status resident status means you dont pay for schooling or visa
    and your not on a limit stay you can work and stay .. until you apply for citizenship they will kill for that status
    4. notice they called the lady a girlfriend but yet said nothing bout a sexual contact ? thats cause most of these arrangments for marriage dont consist of sex . .just a payout to marry them have kids with them and get them a status where they can work and be a resident … that means they dont have to be in school and pay those high ass fees
    mounting to $6000 a month per person thats why they steal and drive cabs no other job will afford them that kind of money to be here
    5. america collect a lot of money for them being herer so the risk of ebola coming here was not as importatant to goverment as the money .. they bring in ..
    how sad is that::>>????
    6. white folks dont care if a few whites get it knowing that whites and blacks dont mengle much accept never .. so the chance that whites would be a typica l victim is compared to HIV WHEN IT WAS FIRST PLANTED HERE .. LOOK HOW MANY BLACKS ARE INFECTED VERSUS WHITES ? MOSTLY GAY WHITE MEN ON THE WHITE SIDE .. DUHHH
    7. IF EBOLA IS A CONSPIRACY … its gonna cause a lot of havoc in the african and black americans families . mroe than white families ..
    there are tons of afican american women who marry african and set up arrangments before they even get here ..its set up by their cousins here in america … its a business for them j
    so people are not crazy for thinking its something weird going on . cause we thought the borders were closed as far as any africans coming form liberia come to find out .. home land security was only doing a writtien test questionair ?????? and letting africans board planes ????????????????? what ?????? i bet you they are testing them now ???? cause they know we AMERICANS ARE WATCHING NOW .. THE MONEY TRAIL STOPS AT COMMON SENSE … MONEY IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS OUR RACE NOT BEING WIPED OUT BY A DISEASE . .THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE …. WHEN THEY CURED THE TWO WHITES IN ATLANTA AND KILLED THE BLACK MAN IN DALLAS THAT WAS A RAPP YOU KNOW ITS A CONPIRACY UNLESS YOUR STUPID AS FUCK