Production duo L+F discuss working with Trey Songz and their process of creating music


Great production teams have always had a knack for taking an artist to another level. From Holland-Dozier-Holland, to Organized Noize and The Neptunes, production teams have influenced new sounds.

Uforo “Bongo” Ebong and Chris “C4” Umana are hoping to become the next legendary production team. Known as L+F, the duo has produced for Big Sean, Trey Songz, Jeremih, and Teyana Taylor to name a few.

L+F recently spoke with rolling out about their musical inspirations and how they bring out the best in the artists with whom they work.

Why was it important for you guys to create a production team?
C4: First of all, we’re cousins and we met each other at my mother and father’s 25th anniversary. I knew nothing about this and I just played piano. At the time, Bongo programmed every instrument that I had heard, so I was like ‘yo you did all of this?’ and he was like ‘yeah I used a program.’ I was like ‘what did you do because I only play piano.’ Then the story begins.

We will now breakdown some of your songs. Tell me the process behind creating Big Sean’s “Jit/Juke”
Bongo: ‘Jit/Juke’ was a really interesting record. We used to be in different states. This was the first time we were in the same location for over a year, so when we got the idea for ‘Jit/Juke’ and was working on it, I was actually in LA and he was in Atlanta. It just reminded us of how we used to work back in the day. C4 put the drums in and I did the music. It was just a perfect match. Then we took it to Big Sean and Sean was loving it. But he also had another producer who worked on the record with us and the interns and we ended up putting both of our tracks together.

What was the process of creating Trey Songz’ “Y.A.S.?”
C4: We were in Hollywood eating and we got a call that Trey wanted us to send some tracks. Bongo had just made this crazy piano ballad slash trap beat, but it has this different unorthodox type feel on it and it was very interesting. But it really stuck out every time you played the track.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want  L&F to be remembered?
We want to have a legacy that’s more than just music. When we founded our umbrella company, it was all things lost and found. Music is our passion and it will always be our platform to open up doors for other people. We want to help people who are talented and driven and God fearing.


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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