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Writer, designer Tracy Nicole on surviving breast cancer

Tracy NicoleWriter and designer Tracy Nicole has a few new titles to add to her list of accomplishments. The mother of two daughters, she’s empowering women with her story of triumph and strength as one of Ford’s Models of Courage. A breast cancer survivor, Tracy Nicole was diagnosed at age 37 with DCIS, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. “It was a complete shock!”

“I am thankful I had the mammogram because doctors pretty much found it at the earliest stage it could be found,” she remembers.

It was Tracy’s mom, a three-time survivor, who encouraged she and her sister to get checked.

“Because of my mom’s history, I made the decision to go ahead and have a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. She was diagnosed a third time when I got my diagnosis and she didn’t share it with me until the following year. She was going through chemotherapy while I was having surgery. And, I didn’t know it.”

Tracy affirms that having honest conversations about breast cancer, which she says “doesn’t discriminate” is what saves lives.

She offers, “Those conversations will save lives. With early detection, it isn’t a death sentence.”

Why aren’t people getting tested or having the conversations?

“What is happening is one, I think people are scared. They are scared to get checked out because they’re afraid to receive that type of news. What they should remember is the earlier the detection and treatment, the higher the rate of survival.”

In her role as a Ford Model of Courage, which she deems has been “a great experience,” Tracy, 39, has been afforded the opportunity to encourage women and educate those who may not know there is financial support out there.

“There is no excuse not to be up on your health,” she commands.

2014 marks Ford Motor Company’s 20th year in the fight against breast cancer. They’re an automaker and they don’t claim to be breast cancer experts, but they are actively providing financial help. From designing a full line of Warriors in Pink apparel to raise funds, to creating a broad reach in the media to generate awareness, to conducting a survey to help people keep breast health top of mind, they have created ways to help people ‘Go Further’ every day.

A fundraising participant in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60-mile walk, at the time of the interview, Tracy had exceeded her $2,000 goal in 48 hours by more than 50 percent using her social media.

In spring 2015, Tracy Nicole will launch her design where 100 percent of net proceeds go toward Breast Cancer Research.

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