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Gabrielle Union’s ‘Breast Party Ever’ in Miami


Last night, BET Networks, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood brought the ‘Breast Party Ever’ Tour to The Overtown Youth Center in Miami.  Actress Gabrielle Union hosted the event in an effort to raise awareness with early detection through self-exams and screenings.

View photos from the event in the gallery.


1 Comment

  1. butterbeanbabe on October 24, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    since her movie career is over literally she would be the one to hide her pain behind some charity drive . when has she ever cared about breast cancer??? her pr people are working overtime to regain her image , from being the biggest fool out here . desperate dummy ., dwade is not gonna change for her ass . she can forget it he paid her to stay with him cause he knew he was ruining her brand , she could have sued him fior lieing and got payed . since she was like common law wife already .. she didnt have to marry him to get revenge even . . she thinks she too old to keep searching so she settled SIMPLE AS THAT SHE KNOW ITS WRONG TO STAY , AND SHE KNOW SHE LOOK STUPID TO THE PUBLIC ..but for her thats not half s bad as being 40 with no man lol ..

    come on if a man did you that way , plus gave you a million dollar ring and money in the bank to compensate then i dont know most of us would settle to probably and deal with the consequences late HAAAAA