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Woman jailed after claiming Africans gave her Ebola


A woman in Lawton, Oklahoma, went to the emergency room at Comanche County Memorial Hospital and told doctors that she and her son had contracted the Ebola virus.

According to a report by ABC 7, Beryl Rhines claimed that she and her son came down with a fever and needed immediate care. She also told doctors that her son attended school with an exchange student from Africa who had the Ebola virus.

Rhines said the African student came in contact with her son and gave him the virus. In turn, Rhines claimed that she had contracted the virus.

But during her visit, Rhines became belligerent and began to physically attack doctors. She eventually began faking seizures.

Doctors determined that the woman was intoxicated. Authorities later checked her son’s school district and discovered that she also lied about the existence of an African exchange student.

Rhines was eventually arrested and jailed on assault and disturbing the peace.

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