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DUI checkpoints taking your blood, no refusal



There is a shocking new weapon that police departments across the country are using against suspected drunk drivers. It’s called the “no refusal” DUI checkpoint and it is in use in at least 11 states including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Utah and now Ohio. At least 21 other states have the authority to implement “no refusal” checkpoints.

At these DUI checkpoints, people suspected of driving impaired can be ordered to submit to a blood draw on the spot. The drivers are served with a warrant from a nearby judge to draw the blood at a facility such as a hospital, mobile medical unit or county jail hospital unit. On average, police will draw two vials of blood to check for alcohol and other drugs in a driver’s system. Many legal observers call these DUI checkpoints an excessive use of force and possibly unconstitutional in nature.

In the state of Georgia, one municipality, Gwinnett County, has performed more than 150 “no refusal” blood draws. When Gwinnett County law enforcement draws blood, the driver is forcibly restrained and put into a head hold while a nurse draws two vials of blood. Even if the driver is not resisting, they are still put into restraints and a head hold.

The disturbing video can be seen below:


  1. never a DUI..but still ashamed on October 28, 2014 at 12:19 am

    I think it’s reasonable so long as you are awarded damages if the blood test comes back negative for drugs and alcohol. They should be held accoutable. Sounds like the judges are just blindly giving out “search warrants” without sufficient probable cause. And when someone IS actually arrested for DUI…what do they do? Fine them… make threats about “next time” and throw them right back on the street. Look at the recent instances of DUI involved accidents….how many are by repeat offenders? Unfortunately I know several police officers personally…and I hear their stories. Do I hear abut “danger” in their profession? Sure. Do I hear first hand accounts of abuse of authority? Yup – I hear that too. I don’t trust law enforcement. Sad isn’t it? I as a “law abiding” citizen don’t worry about being mugged…or raped…as much as I worry about interaction with law enforcement…because…they are just freaking crazy. You dumb ass citizens who piss your rights away. So fearful sticking your head out of your door. I guess your don ‘t deserve your freedom.

    • sugarbutterbean on October 30, 2014 at 11:46 am

      YOU are rambling and your point is camoflauged by your inability to form sentences that make since at all . you say you have police friends yet you dont trust them ? stratling the fence? simple put people need to be tested if a accident is fatal or someone car flipped almost injuring people , we have the right to have our steets protected, some people drive drunk repeatedly and should be stop before someone is dead ..

      the police are dirty some of them , some are racist, some are plann evil
      but this is who we choose to monitor our streets , and sometimes they save lives to by helping take a criminal driving under the influence from continueing riding drunk til someone is killed

      good job take the blood ,cause that is an advance step to making these drunks know the courts mean business , people who drink love to drink they aint trying to quite for you me or anyone … they think an accident only happen to the next drunk and not them until they are llying on the pavement or has killl someone as a result …
      bann them off our streets , i dont care what racist cop stop them . they need to be off the street driing drunk