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Jaguar Wright helps Chicagoans ‘Unplug’ with Verizon and WVON

girls night out.Still013There’s something about those soul singers. And when I say soul singers, I mean those real soul singers. The ones who like to kick off their shoes and close their eyes when they sing. The ones, who, when they fall into their zone, they’re able to transport us to a space and place where nothing matters but the exact emotion that they’ve tapped into at the time. If the song is about love and happiness, then the whole room is locked in a tender smile. If the song is about a love lost, then everybody in the room gets a little misty eyed. Such is the power of the vocalist, and also the writer who pens their song. They are able to connect with the innermost nature of a human being … to where it seems that they speak to, and for, the soul.

Jaguar Wright is one of those kind of soul singers. And when she hit Nouveau Tavern’s stage this past Friday for WVON’s Unplugged music series, she was fully prepared to do what real soul singers do. Yes … her off stage demeanor was a little diva-ish, which, depending on who you are, can be both good mean both good and bad. But her on stage persona is more than welcoming, and when she hits that zone, she can be downright captivating. She shares of her own joy and hurts through a voice that can be heard by hundreds of people in a noisy room … even as she stands about 7 feet away from her microphone. The group of four women sitting center stage, winners of Verizon’s Girl’s Night Out promotion, enjoyed the power of that voice, and they made several toasts to it all night long.

The “girls” were in the room, sharing and caring through song. The fellas were in the house is as well, and even before Jaguar Wright hit the stage, the celebration of life was well under way. The dj played a soundtrack that allowed professionals young and old(er) to leave their worries behind. You know what they say, in this modern work world, you’ve got to create a life-work balance that allows you to relax and recharge. Thankfully, WVON provided us with an opportunity to unplug. Verizon made it possible to capture and share good times. And thank God that, even in the midst of all that’s going on in this world, good people can share good times, when we just can’t help but to tap into our soul.