‘Preachers of L.A.’ best moments of episode 11


Myesha’s Music 
Myesha’s brother Keshon calls her over and tells her he wants to work on some music with her. Myesha expresses her reservations about the pairing as she is known for her uplifting and inspiring message music, while her brother is into and usually does explicit rap. She doesn’t see how the collaboration will work. When he plays her a song full of explicit sex talk that he wants her on, she makes up her mind that it just won’t work. After a talk with Wayne, he convinces her to go by her brother’s studio to hear him out. When she gets there, she’s surprised to find her brother is working on remixing one of her original songs. Keshon then goes into the booth and spits a clean and inspirational verse much to Myesha’s enjoyment. Later, at a family barbecue at the Chaney house, Myesha and Keshon perform the song live to everyone’s approval. Also at the barbecue, Wayne checks in with his mom and brother to make sure they are still doing okay after their make up session. He is pleased to find out that they are continuing to mend their relationship.

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