‘Preachers of L.A.’ best moments of episode 11


Noel’s Preach L.A. meeting
In anticipation of the upcoming Preach L.A. event, Noel calls all the cast together. The crew jokingly teases about Clarence being “too busy” to attend. Upon hearing the news of Noel’s plan, Loretta expressed some reservation about the meeting as she and Ron hadn’t been in the same room since their infamous confrontation in episode 2. Noel assures her that if Ron steps out of line that he will handle it. Sure enough, once the issue is brought to the table, Ron reiterates his stance of not finding Noel and Loretta’s relationship acceptable. Loretta then breaks down and gives a passionate speech about having to deal with ridicule in the world outside the church and not expecting to have to deal with it inside the church. Ron then musters some compassion and apologizes to Loretta. He then strangely assures her that if she ever needs to call someone for help or stay at his and Lavette’s house that they are always there for her. She later tells Noel that while she is still processing it all, she does believe Ron’s olive branch is a step in the right direction.

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