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Sleeping man sexually assaulted by best friend’s wife

Megan Davis Hoelting,age 31

Megan Davis Hoelting

For some people it may be a sexual fantasy to awaken to a beautiful woman performing oral sex on their person. However, for one Texas man it turned into a nightmare of sexual assault. Megan Davis Hoelting, 31, was charged with felony sexual assault for her nighttime antics.

The victim was best friends with Hoelting’s husband. According to police reports Hoelting, clad only in a nightgown, entered the victim’s residence through an unlocked gate and made her way to the bedroom. It was there that she took off her nightgown, climbed into the victim’s bed and performed oral sex on the sleeping victim. The unidentified male victim grabbed his cellphone and used it as a flashlight to determine what was going on. It was then that Hoelting straddled his waist and exposed her breasts. When the victim shined the light on the perpetrator’s face, he realized it was his best friend’s wife.

He demanded that she stop the assault and get out of his house, but Hoelting refused to leave and demanded to have sex. The victim then called police, who arrested Hoelting, wearing only panties. Hoelting admitted to police that she” kissed him and wrapped her legs around his waist.”  Hoelting was charged with burglarizing with the intent of committing sexual assault.. She is being held in the Williamson County Jail. Earlier in the month, Hoelting was arrested on three separate occasions, once for theft, once for assault, and another for public intoxication.


  1. lonnie keys on October 31, 2014 at 10:32 am

    i find it inconcievable that a grown ass man cant push a tiny woman off him, f and push her ass out the door , he could have enjoyed it and had her arrested for no reason .. some people are nuts like that , how does your penis rise just cause someone says give it to me ????? someone is lieing , me live in a country of thristy males men have aserious sexual disfunction. . and some take viagra even .. men have always lust and teased after someone elses woman .. expecially mexican males , men have committed the highest percent of sexual misconduct on the job , and everywhere .. 80 percent of sexual assault lawsuits on jobs is men .. . i can see a man doing what she did but a woman ? and why she had a man .. did this man show his penins to her and played games with her . something happen for her to do this ….. women just dont do this unless they are mentally illl maybe IM SURE THE POLICE GET A RUSH OUT OF THIS ONE . . MEN ARE COMPLEX WITH SEX .. . most dont understand sexuality are their bodies , men think women were born to sex them . and thats all we do .. men have no respect for teenager even hos many kids have been raped or molested by a grown ass man , i was a victim of a cousin assaulting me when i was 14 yo …
    i know the pain of molestation . i got a chance to see a man if pure form how some of them think even ministers , reverends are busted for sexual misconduct with boys .. look at the preacher in atlanta who was busted / ? its everywhere like zombieim

    • lonnie keys on October 31, 2014 at 10:33 am

      raising boys to a man is not an easy job ., if a man does it its tricky cause while a man can teach a boy how to work and provide , the bad spin is he can be inadvertantly teaching him bad habits about how to deal with women ?

  2. Montanx HS on October 31, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Yea no, we men dont call that assault. We call that Christmas.