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Mystikal runs into trouble over sex offender status

Mystikal - RO Cover

Mystikal has been out of the news for some time now, but recently the veteran MC garnered major attention again when it was revealed that his sex offender status had garnered him a surprise run-in with authorities.

According to WBRZ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Prairieville police recently paid a visit to Mystikal’s home as part of a routine sex offender compliance check. The compliance check was reportedly part of an effort to make sure that all local sex offenders were on their best behavior during Halloween while kids were trick-or-treating.

Back in 2004, Mystikal was convicted of sexual battery and he subsequently had to register as a lifetime sex offender. But he says his sex offender status hasn’t weighed him down as much as people would think.

“I don’t do the pity party thing, I have to participate in sex offender groups and stuff like that; it don’t stop your life, man,” said Mystikal.

And despite his situation, Mystikal says that, just like anyone else, he worries about sex offenders preying on kids, especially his own.

“I have the same fears that most parents have, I don’t have an offense against no young kids, or nothing like that, which don’t [sic] make my offense no better, but still, protect your kids, man, protect your kids, our kids are the most important thing we have,” said Mystikal.

It looks like Mystikal is making the best of the circumstances. –nicholas robinson


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  1. butterbeanbabe on November 5, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    great example of a brother who come up poor and made it to stardom just to be dragged back down by his own ignorant issues in his head , C MURDER 2ND .. jeezy, and a whole lot more black men are the first ones to ruin a great opportunitie to never have to go back to the streets . i hope mystikal did learn something and set some examples for children whom are growing up … all those years he wasted behind bars for a rapper timer is everything…