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How taking the drug Molly just once killed a college student


Jessica Hunter, 21, wanted to experience something new while at the Austin City Limits music festival in October. The college student at Texas State decided to take the drug Molly while enjoying music and other festivities. However, her first brush with the drug became her last.

According to Fort Worth Star Telegram, Hunter had a seizure moments after the taking the drug at the festival. She soon went into cardiac arrest and needed CPR before she was taken to the hospital. By the time her parents arrived at the hospital, Hunter was in an induced coma because her body temperature had risen to 106 degrees.

Her brain began hemorrhaging and Hunter bled from her nose and mouth for two days. Hunter’s family eventually decided to take her off life support as her condition worsened.

Molly has become popular as the drug of choice for young people who attend music festivals with the intention of getting high and drunk. Although there has been widespread use of Molly at EDM festivals and parties, the drug has also been accepted by many within the hip-hop community.

However, those who take the drug are putting themselves at risk. Because the pill isn’t regulated, users will not know if there is a high concentration that could cause severe damage or death.

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