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Joe Budden on his reckless reputation: ‘I don’t do anything just to do it’


Joe Budden released his new EP Some Love Lost this week, and the rapper-reality star sat down with rolling out to discuss the release; revealing how much his state of mind has changed in the almost two years since he dropped No Love Lost in early 2013.

“I wouldn’t say that this project is more me than its predecessor,” Budden shares. “If I were sitting poolside, having orgies every day like I was during my time making No Love Lost, my music would reflect that. Unfortunately, that’s not taking place. But life has taken a turn and when life turns, you turn with it.”

Budden’s life over the last 18 months have included becoming a reality show star, following a highly publicized stint on “Love and Hip-Hop New York” and his ongoing relationship problems; which included splits and feuds with his exes, Tahiry Jose and Kaylin Garcia — both of which were also highly publicized.

“None of the rumors and things that you read on blogs and things that naysayers say and critics say — none of that stuff ever plays a part in the music. The music is very nonfiction. It comes from real life and in real time. Some things took place in real life and in real time, and I’ve been quiet throughout the entire process. You’re talking about from 2013 to now. Fans have yet to hear what I have to say about anything. This is very current present-day Joe.”

And Budden isn’t worried about people fixating on his public persona. The hip-hop star claims that he doesn’t allow himself to do anything without awareness — regardless of his aloof and unfiltered demeanor. Things got serious back in August, when Budden was accused of assaulting a woman he was romantically involved with. Budden was wanted by the NYPD for two days, and accused of physically striking the woman and taking her cellphone. While the NYPD wanted his whereabouts, Budden was tweeting jokes about going to strip clubs. While declining to speak about the incident and his subsequent arrest, the rapper says, despite the way he comes off on social media, he isn’t as careless as he may seem.

“I’m aware that my perspective is a unique one,” Budden says. “People say that they follow me on Twitter because it appears that I have no filter. From my end, everything on Twitter is extremely filtered. Extremely filtered. I’m a very meticulous, methodical Virgo. I don’t do anything just to do it. It’s all thought out.

“I tweet a lot, I tweet reckless, but I tweet things that I’m not invested in at all. I tweet things that I don’t have a personal attachment to. I very rarely promote. I very rarely give my whereabouts, unless it’s in a lounge. I very rarely say exactly what I’m doing. I very rarely give what I’m thinking. I very rarely touch on the things that are important to me. I tweet about a bunch of bulls— that matters none, like sex, h–s and f—ing gossip. None of that stuff is important in the bigger scheme of things. Most of these tweets are for entertainment purposes only and they have absolutely no substance.

“I, on the other hand, am full of substance. That’s where the music is.”

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