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Fit Fridays with Holly Lowe Jones: 3 ways to get fit after having a baby


After weighing close to 200 pounds while pregnant with twins, I had a lot of work to do to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Soon after giving birth to my twins, I started out doing moderate exercise three to four days a week, and eating healthy most of the time. After six months I’d lost 35 pounds, but at 5-feet-4, I was definitely overweight at 165 pounds. I needed to kick things into a higher gear. One of my favorite quotes is “to whom much is given, much is expected.” I knew that if I wanted to get drastic results, I needed to take more intense measures.

Here are three tips that helped me lose the last 15pounds. of pregnancy weight:

  • Do cardio on an empty stomach – Contrary to what you’re used to reading in mainstream fitness and health magazines, you won’t pass out if you work out on an empty stomach. Your body will draw on your fat stores, and you will be maximizing your fat-burning potential.
  •  Go on a fast – All fasts aren’t unsafe. I don’t suggest that you stop eating, but consider going on a three-day liquid or fruit fast in order to jump-start your weight-loss, and to give your digestive system a break. There are many potential health benefits of fasting.
  • Work out twice a day (six to eight hours a week) – I know that this may sound extreme, or even impossible for a new mom, but trust me, it’s not. If I could do it as a single mother of twins, you can, too. I never had much support from family members when it came to how much time I chose to spend exercising, but I squeezed it in. You can schedule the work outs to suit your schedule. Anywhere from 25-60 minutes per session will yield positive results.

Once I decided that I wasn’t making enough effort to get back into shape, I started seeing the change I wanted. It took me almost two years to reach my goal, but I was able to maintain it because I did it the right way. If you’ve been exercising consistently and eating well the majority of the time, but still can’t fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans, try stepping your game up. You’ll be shopping for a new pair of skinny jeans in no time!

Wishing you health,


Holly Lowe Jones is a media professional, fitness expert, and personal trainer. A member of the National Association for Health and Fitness, Jones is also a seasoned triathlete who competes in her spare time.


Instagram: HollyLoweJones

Twitter: @HollyLoweJones

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