Chicago’s hip-hop community is becoming progressively political


There’s a movement afoot among Chicago’s hip-hop community, and it’s not about getting money and shaking a—-. Well … let me rephrase that. It is about money and shaking a—-, but not in the way that most people would think.

As the hip-hop generation matures, a once natural disdain for politics and the associated shenanigans has morphed into a desire to create progressive change in the community by any means necessary. The reality of how policy impacts the every day lives of artists, advocates and everyday community members has once again spawned the beginnings of a movement that utilizes the best of what hip-hop culture has to offer to create a better reality for children, families and the neighborhoods in which they reside.

A few weeks ago, Psychodrama’s Newsense stood at the helm of a Creative Artist town hall meeting on Chicago’s west side, with the intention of recruiting concerned community members to coalesce and create — utilizing politics as a forum in a way the city hasn’t seen since the National Hip Hop Political Convention. This first gathering, attended by close to 100 people, was designed to gauge community opinions and interest around creating a citywide political agenda. Hip-hop heavyweights, including Mary Datcher, Saleem Sylk ‘500’, Kindgom Sanders, Enoch Muhammad, Afrika Porter, Amina Norman-Hawkins, Ang 13 and host of others, pledged to roll up their sleeves and unify the good work that has already been happening in the city.

Check out the gallery for a peek at the beginnings of a movement.

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