Dying mother of 3 has to bury husband killed in head-on car crash

Photo from Go Fund Me page
Photo from Go Fund Me page

Kina Webb-Owens, 33, needs a heart. The mother of three was depending on her husband of 10 years Adrian Owens, 34, to take care of the kids if she didn’t receive a badly needed heart transplant. Unfortunately, on Oct. 29, 2014, Adrian was killed in a head-on collision while traveling to work in Indianapolis. Sadly, his heart was not a match for Kina whose days are numbered.

Kina Owens_A_mother_on_a_heart_trans

Their children, 16-year-old Kenya, 6-year-old Adrianna and 2-year-old Kyle, could become orphans if their mother doesn’t receive a heart. A selfless Kina donated her husband’s organs.

The Owens’ family and friends have set up a GoFundMe fundraising website to help with Adrian’s final expenses, Kina’s medical costs and care for the couple’s three children.

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