Teairra Mari on her portrayal on ‘Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’

A Toast To Young Hollywood

Teairra Mari spoke to rolling out about her controversial stint on “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood” this season and opened up about her strained friendship with fellow cast member Hazel E, and also her current feelings regarding bad boy, Ray J, whom she previously dated and is also featured on “LAHH Hollywood.” The singer says that she’s had to come to grips with the fact that these relationships have been forever altered.

“The most eye-opening aspect has been me re-evaluating who I allow into my life,” Mari shares. “I went through a lot with people that I opened my heart and my trust to this season.”

And the singer has become infamous for her altercations with fellow cast members. Mari says that, despite how people may perceive her, she only acts out when she’s been put in situations where she’s felt attacked.

“I see why people would say that — because of my reactions,” Mari says. “But I’ve been backed into numerous corners and I’ve reacted. Not saying that my reactions were so good, but at the end of the day … I’m not this violent person 24/7. But if you test me, there’s no telling what reaction you may get.”

She and Ray J have gone from love to hate and she says she’s grown wiser about how people aren’t always what they seem.

“This show has definitely taught me how people can change in life,” she says. “The people that I felt the closest to are kind of like worst enemies now. It’s a lot to deal with. It’s a lot learned. I feel like Ray is definitely a person who I gave so much to and loved so dearly and it’s just like the opposite now.

“When you’re in love, I don’t think you see the warning signs when somebody is fraud. I don’t know what advice I would give to somebody going through the same thing as far as what signs to look for because I still don’t know what signs to look for. I could still make the same mistake of falling for somebody who’s a little .. .off.”

And Mari has seen her friendship with Hazel E deteriorate over the course of the show.

“Me and Hazel had a sisterhood and love,” says Mari. “And I’ve always said that when you love someone that can’t be broken or forgotten about. But you will have spats. That’s what me and Hazel are going through. That’s not to say we’ll ever get back to where we once were — but love is love.”

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