Lloyd Boston shares tips on decorating holiday parties and events with Family Dollar


Celebrity stylist Lloyd Boston teamed up with Pat Neely and Family Dollar to offer tips for low-cost decorations for the holidays.

Boston shares tips for making your holiday party or event more stylish.

For me, it’s all about an entryway. It’s the first thing people see and maybe the last thing people remember so take notice of how your front door looks whether you have a huge room and staircase or simple apartment door. The wreath is fine but why not hang some gorgeous silver ornaments or beautiful stars from fish wire. I found all of those things at Family Dollar for a great price. It creates a magical or three dimensional moment than a nail and a wreath. I think that’s a more modern way to do it.

Think about the way your food is plated, think about the way your drinks are served. Even if you’re serving a simple martini or even a mocktail with no alcohol in it, a sugar rim looks great around the holidays and that’s simple because everybody keeps table sugar around.[Have] a little bit of chilled water. It just takes a little more time and effort. I have the pleasure of attending a lot of parties in LA and around the NY coast and I like to bring those tips back to real people.

The third thing is something that Pat and I did together and that’s about a welcome punch area. You know when your guests walk in; they’re going to be parched. They’re ready for a little something. You want to have that punch elevated this season. Put fresh cranberries in it, mint leaves, long cylinders. You can use holiday ornaments in bowls instead of the old fruit that you might use. Think out the box. Use these stylish tips and you could do it at a great price when you shop at Family Dollar.

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