Is Kris Jenner happy with Kim Kardashian’s nude cover?

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner - Angry Paper Cover

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian’s campaign to “break the internet” with her bare booty on the cover of Paper magazine was a success, and it has left the whole world, once again, talking about her naked body. But even though most of the world approves of the cover, word is now spreading that Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, isn’t too happy about it.

According to, sources say that Jenner is angry about the cover, which was shot by famed photographer Jean Paul Goude, because Kardashian didn’t get paid to go fully nude.

“[Kris] loves the photo shoot. Loves it. She think it’s fabulous. The shoot itself is flawless. Her problem is with Kim not making a dime off it. Kim should have been paid, period,” said the source.

Kim Kardashian - Paper Magazine Cover

The source says that Jenner assumed that her daughter was getting paid to go nude, but when she found out that she did it for free, she became enraged and scolded her daughter.

“Do you remember what it was like before all this? When you were in Paris Hilton’s shadow? Or the hard road it took for us to be in this status we’re in? We’ve come a long way — remember that and always get the money,” the source claims.

Well, this story hasn’t been confirmed but it doesn’t sound unusual at all that Jenner would want her daughter to bring home some money for showing off her naked body to the world, especially since Kim’s famous porn is still generating money for the star. – nicholas robinson

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