God creating video miracles by comedic faith healers

im not gay

The Black Twitter rage was a social media joke from heaven and a believer’s faith in the power of God.  The power of the Internet to spread humorous videos warns us of just how silly we are able to make ourselves look. Faith of this proportion must be changing all of the people who look at this video into comedians for God. Not sure if the purpose was to make anyone laugh or donate some money to a faith healer’s collection box, or whether someone was looking for a video miracle.

Praise and worship teams, be sure to take note of the new steps being taught to heal and make God seen be millions of unsaved who must now talk about church.

The idea of making fun of God’s healed servant truly gave millions of people a moment with God who may not go to church or even consider the true power of faith.

We must smile at the new way God has masterfully entered the hearts and mind of cyber church viewers.

[jwplatform AnowJmOF]

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