San Diego rapper Tiny Doo could go to jail for his song lyrics


Brandon Duncan is a San Diego rapper who is facing serious jail time because of the content of his music. According to “ABC 10,” Duncan has no criminal record, but under a law approved in 2000, Duncan is being prosecuted for benefiting off criminal acts of fellow gang members.

Prosecutors are saying that Tiny Doo’s No Safety album sales have been supported by the reputation of the gang. This is the first time the law is being put into effect. Duncan and 14 other gang members are charged in a gang conspiracy involving nine local shootings since April 2013. Duncan hasn’t been tied to the shootings, but prosecutors argued that he benefited from the shootings because his gang gained notoriety and it helped him sell albums.

“We’re not just talking about a CD of anything, of love songs. We’re talking about a CD (cover) … there is a revolver with bullets,” said Deputy District Attorney Anthony Campagna.

The rapper’s lawyer was highly critical of the charges.

“It’s shocking. He has no criminal record. Nothing in his lyrics say go out and commit a crime. Nothing in his lyrics reference these shootings, yet they are holding him liable for conspiracy. There are huge constitutional issues,” said Brian Watkins, Duncan’s attorney.

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