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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg tears into Wendy Williams and Charlamagne Tha God


The fallout from the much criticized Wendy Williams-produced “Aaliyah” biopic continues as Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg recently took to the airwaves to give his opinion of not only the movie, but Williams’ tongue-in-cheek response to the overwhelming criticism.

“This is a person who never contributed positively to this culture ever. Full on gossip queen,” Rosenberg lamented. “In fact, she spawned the next gossip queen, Charlamagne Tha God. That is what she has contributed to this culture. More people who create detrimental bs.”

Charlamagne began his career at Hot 97 as Williams’ co-host before joining crosstown rival Power 105 as part of “The Breakfast Club” morning show, which competes directly against Rosenberg’s morning show.

Rosenberg also took exception to Charlamagne’s “soft” critique of the film during his “Donkey of the Day” segment, where he seemed to try and take some of the blame off Williams’ shoulders by name checking the other producers and screenwriter.

“Aaliyah? Not Biggie, not Pac, ’cause God bless both of them — there’s controversy to find there. No, no, no — Aaliyah. How can you do wrong by her? And [Williams] did,” Rosenberg ranted. “I’m not gonna be like other people and get on and make excuses and point out the other four nameless producers I’ve never heard of. They were trying to get a check, but Wendy Williams was at some point given a lot by this culture, and this was her way of giving back?”