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Culture » What White moms need to teach their daughters that Black moms always have

What White moms need to teach their daughters that Black moms always have

Bill Cosby accusers

Bill Cosby; Janice Dickinson (Getty); Barbara Bowman (Daily Mail): Joan Tarshis (Splash News)

Three shows and four public sexual assault allegations later, this writer can no longer be silent about the Bill Cosby rape scandal.

TV Land has announced they are pulling “Cosby” reruns from its lineup. For more than 25 years, Black families have revered this man who brought us “The Cosby Show,” which in September celebrated its 30th anniversary of the airing of its first episode. This is the latest in a round of entertainment content distributors, including NBC and Netflix, who are disassociating with the comedian–turned–philanthropist.

Having read about and listened to accusers Janice Dickinson and Joan Tarshis, whose Cosby encounter was alleged to have taken place in 1969, I realize we need to see this as a teaching moment for naive girls, or as we now label them, thirsty girls.

I am a grits and very proud of it. Having grown up in the South in 1970s and 1980s, when we weren’t so free spirited and hypersexual, I learned the rules and dating codes so there aren’t any mixed signals, a long time ago.

One, never go home alone with strangers. Especially if you are an aspiring comedy writer and think simply because the man has a show on TV and he’s your new “mentor,” it’s OK.

Two, never drink with strangers, especially alcohol, unless its BYOB and you pour your own drink because you know your limit.

Barbara Bowman, who settled out of court with Cosby for an undisclosed amount of money following her alleged assault that occurred in 1985, made it pretty clear in her article she penned for the Washington Post  she wanted to be “a star” and in her mind “it was part of the deal.” Nearly 30 years later, it’s rape? Now that’s defamatory, literally.

You can’t blame a virile man for your poor judgement when the end didn’t really justify the means, or live up to your fantasy of fame and stardom. Rape is indefensible. And, we can’t redefine remorse as rape because its 2014 and there’s a new wave of feminism at play. I don’t doubt the encounters. However, I doubt the women were victimized by Cosby. This sexual assault scandal is bigger than an incidence of college date rape, it borders on slander.

Who’s the beneficiary? Dropping names, especially the name of a  77-year-old man, and to accuse him as Tarshis did on Dr. Drew’s HLN show of targeting White women is egoistic. America as a whole detests interracial dating and marriage, so when it comes to claim of interracial rape, the red flag is waved and the angry bull comes charging.

Emmett Louis Till lost his life over an alleged encounter with a White woman allegation 1 a mere whistle that was likely never intended for the woman in earshot, if it ever really happened.

Mothers teach your daughters that men are wired differently. For them, sex is sex, it’s a physical act. Women equate sex with love. When the wires are crossed and the signals are mixed, it’s not OK to redefine consensual sex for rape when we are disappointed with the outcome, the promise isn’t fulfilled and you’re holding a grudge.


  1. butterbeanbabe on November 20, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    women also equate sex with i give a dam bout you .. a man will sleep with his cousin if he is getting what he want , regrett for them is like going to a a catholic moss, and confessing they will do it later

    men dont understand the meaning of line in the sand with women ., a smile and wink does not mean someone wants to fuck you .. if you fly to close to the spider web he might eat you

    men are like spiders they sit on the web waiting for an opportunity to taste something , it how we raise boys since we know men have this natural appetite we need to address their sexual body and mind at an early age schools have no sex education classes anymore so where are they learning this this stuff GOOD OLE INTERNET ..

    BACK IN THE 60-80S men in hollywood black and white molested and raped many women marylon monroe too. its not uncommon for a man to drug a woman ot get that one thing that makes him feel like a man … vagina the line is crossed when a man decide that i will take it at all risk .. no matter who it hurts ..
    you are delusional and need counseling .
    if your raising boys to not value women , respect women and honor women QUEST WHAT YOU GONNA HAVE A WHOLE PLANET OF BILL COSBYS AROUND

    • Rashad Young Shogun Persons on November 22, 2014 at 2:41 am

      Lol men are like spiders Omg were not all the same firstly. Secondly ever hear of a black widow gtfoh. I read your comments a lot and sometimes I agree with you,but sometimes you need to ask yourself am i comment raging from a biased position? Before you post

  2. msbrookemoore on November 20, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    First, Wtf does this have to do with what white women do or do not teach their children? I think ALL women tell their daughters and sons ways to stay safe, and you have no idea what my white mother instilled in me. Moving on, while I seriously doubt that he is guilty of anything but adultery, if he is, why wait 30 or 40 years to tell someone? Women should tell someone they trust the minute it happens, Even if their attacker is a celebrity or not. There wouldn’t be countless other women suffering the same fate if only one of those women had the guts to tell.

    • Yvette Caslin on November 21, 2014 at 2:12 pm

      A black woman has come forward. She basically says the love potion wasn’t palatable so she didn’t drink it. Thanks goodness she listened to that sixth sense.

  3. Lishaaxo on November 22, 2014 at 7:14 am

    Hmmmm women will get raped no matter what their mother taught them. a rapist is a rapist and there is no stopping him if he is out to get what he wants

  4. butterbeanbabe on November 23, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    being a victime of rape myself i can speak with knowledge , what rape is ,is a violation of my constitutional rights , if i say no then you say yes , then your violating my rights , people go to jail for not paying taxes, but how rare is that? as rare as a rappist getting what he truely deserve , if i was president, i would order and executive order that we have a special grave yard in every city and town for PENIS’s I THINK any man who rape a woman should be given one more viloation and then off goes his wienny . but FOR MEN WHO DO THIS TO CHILDREN IMMEDIATE PENIS WHACKING .. IMMEDIATELY THEN SEND IT OVER TO THE PENIS GRAVE YARD … so he can go there and mourn his good old days LOL
    TO MEN A PENIS IS VERY SACRID .. JUST LOOK AT THEY WAY THEY PLAY WITH IT IN THE MIRROR OR ILLUCINATE ABOUT ITS SIZE WHEN its actually small as a hot dog on a bun … i laugh sometimes at the silly bragging games men play with each other on who has the biggest you dont see women haveing this complex about our vagina , because we dont care as long as we can deliver a healty baby through it and keep it clean were good .. MEN ARE ANAMALISTIC .. always searching for a pleasure or satisfaction from anywhere , to me its a hidden human disfunction rarely discussed or thought about . shoved under the rug in every home , men really dont talk to boys about sexuallity and how to deal with women .. those very ones come out to be the KOBE BRYANTS, AND RAY RICES … go to any jail and you will find tons of rappist who still dont know what happen . dont admitt they have a problem. to think to rape a child was not gonna send them right to hell doors .
    sparing you farther details , a penis is an obsticle to be utilized it the most substantual effects .. there are more penises defected than there are men in prison . think bout that ???? way more . LETS RIDE THE EARTH OF RECKLESS PENIS POWER AND THIRSTY MALES