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The humilating way Birdman was forced to apologize to industry veteran Wendy Day


For years Cash Money Records has been accused of not paying monies owed to artists, producers, and a wide array of business associates.

One such former associate is music industry insider Wendy Day.

The thing that sets Day apart from almost any other person or party that has had business dealings with Cash Money is that she more or less put them in a position to even be a business. It was Day and her company, Rap Coalition, that helped broker Cash Money’s then-historic $30 million distribution deal with Universal in 1997. Yet even after having assisted in making such a deal happen, Day says she was never fully or fairly compensated and never so much as received an apology from Birdman.

In a recent interview with Nah Right, Day tells of how her friend and notorious hard-core rapper Freddie Foxxx forced Birdman to repent:

At one point, one of my artist friends bumped into Birdman and put a gun to his head and made him call and apologize to me, which he did. [Birdman] called me up and said ‘oh, your friend just pulled me out of Hot 97 and I’m here on the street, on my knees and I want to apologize to you.’ I really didn’t care about the apology. I wanted to know, why would somebody s— on someone that changed their life for the better?”

Day says Foxxx himself has been open about the situation and spoke about it before so she doesn’t think she’s at risk for getting in him trouble with the law. Additionally, it’s been well over seven years since the incident and the statute of limitations has passed.

According to Day, even in the aftermath of the Foxxx incident, Birdman has continued to drag his feet in regard to compensating her, telling her that if she wants to get paid she’ll have to take him to court.

He said to me, ‘Sue me, when I have to pay you, you’ll get paid.’ He said it very nonchalantly and very matter-of-factly, and as time wore on, I saw that he didn’t pay anybody. He didn’t pay the T-shirt manufacturers, he didn’t pay the Fruit of Islam for security, he didn’t pay security guards for security, he didn’t pay his staff, he didn’t pay his office rent. They didn’t pay anybody.