Shocking revelation about Ferguson prosecutor McCulloch

Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch
Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch

The organization is called Backstoppers, but by the sound of it, a person would be hard pressed to know what it the name means. But looking at its website at reveals it is a police and first responder charitable organization. According to the website, it helps among others, police officers in crisis often with financial benefits. Surprisingly one of the officers they may have helped was embattled Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. But even more surprising is the head of the organization is prosecuting attorney Robert Mcculloch, the same prosecutor who refused to recuse himself from the Wilson case.

Earlier during the Wilson proceedings, a group sold T-shirts supporting Darren Wilson with all proceeds going to Backstoppers and the Darren Wilson Legal Defense Fund according to the website However, Backstoppers claimed that they would not accept any money raised during the T-shirt drive because it would represent a conflict of interest for Robert McCulloch. The fact McCullough is president of this organization lends further credence to the argument he should have recused himself from this case. In addition, McCullough’s father was a police officer killed in the line of duty by a black man. It makes one ask, what is the standard that a prosecutor must have before recusal from a case for conflict of interest. Was Robert McCulloch truly unbiased during the grand jury presentation?


Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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  1. no dam way…. if this is true that means mcculloch was totally bias, in his judgement and could not fairly administer fair justice.

    this means that our suspicions of the grand jury being coherced and lead is true
    this means from day one the investigation was unfair to the facts surrounding the case and no dam wonder the witnesses statements were twisted and made to look phony

    no wonder he made the announcement so arroagantly , what a slap in the face for all the supporter who support this bullshit grandjury . dont matter if there were 8 blacks on the panel the decision was made by mcculloh and his goons. to aquitt wilson from get go .. and was there really a grand jury I DONT TRUST THAT EITHER . NON OF THEM HAVE COME FORWARD… i quest thats their choice you cant fight an invisable force invisable lie

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