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Did Nicki Minaj spazz on the American Music Awards’ red carpet?


Fair warning: If by chance you’re lucky enough to interview Nicki Minaj, please know that asking her questions about Iggy Azalea could catch you a verbal beat down.

According to Page Six of the New York Post, the “Anaconda” rapper rubbed more than a few reporters the wrong way on the red carpet of the recent American Music Awards:

“A source tells Page Six Minaj was “very rude” to press on the red carpet at Sunday night’s awards show.”

Minaj apparently became particularly agitated when reporters began asking her questions about fellow female rapper, Iggy Azalea. Of course Minaj and Azalea, who went on to sweep all hip-hop categories at the awards show, have been in somewhat of a cold war or words since Minaj seemingly took shots at her at the BET Awards this past summer.

Journalist Liz Hernandez of TV’s “Access Hollywood” felt so strongly about her confrontation with Minaj that she vented on Twitter shortly thereafter:


Thus far Minaj has yet to acknowledge or issue a comment on the accusations.


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  1. MISSYCAT(UBESTIABELIEVEIT on November 29, 2014 at 10:41 am

    this girl has serious issues she’s crazy and she is demonic, she needs help and she just mad because Iggy Azalea , coming up and she got to move to the left and I’m not a fan of neither one of them ,but she needs help and just how is in Hollyweird.