Floyd Mayweather to Shantel Jackson: Invasion of privacy? I made you famous


The very public legal spat between boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., and his ex-fiancé, Shantel Jackson, just took another turn.

Mayweather has countered Jackson’s claim of violating her privacy rights by openly discussing her abortion of their child on social media with the claim that because he essentially made her famous, their relationship was very much open to the public.

Back in August, Jackson, who is now dating Nelly, held a press conference in which she alleged that Mayweather harassed, abused and battered her during their relationship and that his posting photos of her sonogram on social media a was gross invasion of privacy.

In a series of legal documents filed to counter Jackson’s claims, Mayweather says that when they first got together Jackson asked him “to help her become famous.” He says that prior to the relationship, Jackson’s only claim to fame was having appeared in a handful of music videos. Mayweather goes on to explain that he indeed helped to make her famous, and as a byproduct of the fame, the public was interested in all aspects of their relationship, even their tumultuous breakup.

Mayweather says because of the above reasons, he was well within his rights to discuss the abortion and subsequent breakup in such a public forum:

Both parties are public figures. Abortion is a public issue. A public figure involved with another public figure in a public relationship can expect publicity, not privacy, about why it ends.

Both parties are currently awaiting a judge’s decision as to whether the suit will proceed or be thrown out.

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