Grand jury indicts man who filmed Eric Garner video


At least one indictment has come out the Eric Garner case, but the person has nothing to do with law enforcement. Ramsey Orta, who filmed the now infamous footage of the death of Eric Garner, was indicted for third-degree criminal weapons possession and criminal firearms possession.

According to police, Orta had given a 25-caliber handgun to a teenage accomplice outside a hotel in New York. For his part, Orta claims that he was set up by police in retaliation for filming and uploading to YouTube the video of Garner’s death. The grand jury, however, rejected his defense and charged him.

The video was instrumental in bringing attention to the death of the unarmed Garner, who was killed by an illegal chokehold used by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Orta was arrested one month after filming the July 17 death of Garner.


Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. I am sure the police did set this man up, because he brought this to light. This all has to stop, these type of white cops need to be stop. AMERICA THIS HAS TO STOP!

  2. Aint that a bit**? Pure retaliation! They were out to get him. And the punk assed grand jury is in cahoots with the cops. No justice in America. We are becoming more 3rd world day by day. No one is accountable anymore.

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