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Solange pays homage to Eric Garner and Mike Brown at Art Basel


Solange decided to speak out against the untimely deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. On Dec. 6, Solange served as the host DJ along with DJ Kemit for the Jack Shainman Gallery beachside Surfcomber on South Beach.

Solange controlled the turntables for nearly two hours and played a mix of music that consisted of southern hip-hop, old school R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

But Solange took a moment in between her set to share her thoughts on Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

“I think it’s rather a privilege for all of us to be here right now in spite of the unrests that’s happening,” Solange said. “So because of that, I have mixed feelings, and then there’s a side of me that says you have to live it up because we’re in this position to lead. And honestly, with all the unrests that’s happening all that we can do right now is be grateful that we are in this position and we can celebrate. Big up honestly to everyone who’s fighting and doing their part, big or small, in this fight for equality. R.I.P. Mike Brown. R.I.P. Eric Garner.”

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