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Dapper funnyman Michael Colyar is ‘Off the Chain’ on Bounce TV’s comedy special

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You have to tune in on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014, to catch comic Michael Colyar in action. This tony dressing jokester can’t help himself. During our 10-minute chat to discuss his upcoming special, I was in stitches. Starting with my “Hello! How are you doing?” to his “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” response, we chatted it up about everything from his skills in the kitchen to why he loves my hometown, Atlanta.

“Oh God! I love Atlanta. I was just there last week and performed six shows at Uptown Comedy Corner,” says Colyar about the city where comedians like George Wallace and Chris Tucker have roots.

“I love the weather. I love the attitude of the people. Some of my favorite friends lives there, Rodney Perry, Kier Spates, Chubb Rock and the fabulous Avery Sunshine,” offers the Chicago native.

“It’s why I love L.A. so much. You feel good if you get up everyday and the birds are singing. You would feel a little different if you have to shovel snow to get to your car in the morning. You have an attitude and wake up with your fists balled up.”

Colyar is best known for his performances on California’s Venice Beach where he was crowned “The King of Venice Beach” for entertaining the crowds, bringing together people from all parts of the world, “I did comedy there from ’86 to ’92.”

Premiering on Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 10 p.m. (EST) on Bounce TV. Colyar will headline his one-hour special as the third season of the network’s popular, family-friendly original comedy series “Off The Chain.”

“It is so fly. First of all, they shot it so excellently and so well in a beautiful theater. I happened to have on a cute outfit, incidentally. It’s one hour, totally clean, no caffeine. I love it. It’s called ‘Michael Colyar: Off the Chain.’ [Bounce TV] already has a series with Rodney Perry that’s called ‘Off the Chain.’ This year they set it up where they did eight one-hour specials. [Comedians] who are at the top of their game get a full hour with a full house of people. I [am] so funny, I wish I was in the audience watching me,” he jokes. “It will play all month long.

“My comedy album, Michael Colyar’s Back drops on iTunes on Friday, December 12.”