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Natalia Rich on new music, growing up in Holland, and meeting Erica Mena

Natalia Rich

While growing up in Holland and spending years in St. Maarten, what artists inspired you most?

The artists whom inspired me the most were Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Ellie Goulding.

At what point did you realize you could be successful in music?

I realized that I could be successful when I recorded a song called “On My Mind” and put the song on my Facebook. DJs took my music and started playing it on the radios and in the clubs. That’s when I knew people were liking [my music].

Who were your first mentors in music?

It was the first producer I worked with, Big Blacks, and my artist-vocal coach Theo. They helped me develop my sound.

How were you introduced to Erica Mena?

I had a special invite to Erica Mena’s birthday party from my publicist, Sebastian Bonner. When I was at the party, he introduced me to Erica Mena.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound would be described as a multicultural pop sound.

What can fans expect from your first project?

My first project will be filled with a range of different genres of music. The subjects of the songs will be those with which people can relate, such as love and the things that are happening in the world today. Overall, I promote peace and love.

What advice do you give to aspiring artists about going through the process of making music and stardom?

I would advise them to do research on the genre of music that they want to do and try to bring a different sound to it. Most of all, I would advise them to hold onto their true self. Because if they pretend, the crowd usually sees the discomfort and that doesn’t have a very successful outcome.