Woman wins $100,000 after being arrested for yelling ‘F– the police!’


A woman in Atlanta is richer because she yelled and cursed at police officers. According to WSB TV, Amy Barnes was riding her bike in Cobb County, Georgia, when she noticed police officers arresting a Black man on Easter Sunday of 2012.

Barnes yelled at the officers, “Police suck!” She also flipped the middle finger and yelled, “F– the police!” The police officers chased Barnes and arrested her soon after.

Barnes was placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours and charged with disorderly conduct. After her release from jail, Barnes hired a lawyer and she was acquitted of all charges in 2013. Barnes decided to sue Cobb County for violating her right to free speech.

The police argued that Barnes was in a dangerous neighborhood and yelling at police could cause havoc in the area. However, the judge ruled that Barnes was never a threat to the police officers nor did she put them in danger for yelling the epithet. In turn, they violated her right to free speech.

Barnes was rewarded $100,000.

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