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André 3000 working on new clothing venture


Though it looks like a new OutKast album or even a solo project is still a ways off, André 3000 does have something new up his sleeve.

The legendary emcee has plans under way to release a T-Shirt line featuring the quotes from the eye catching jumpsuits that he wore during OutKast’s reunion tour. Last week, the jumpsuits, a whooping 47 in total, were put on display at the recent Miami Art Basel.

3K told “Hard Knock TV that the quotes, such as “everything is temporary,” ”I pray there’s a God at the end of all this,” and “OK hand over the cure and stop playing” were all random thoughts that he decided to wear and make a statement while touring.

“It started off as one message and I kind of continued it from there,” 3 Stacks said. “They’re just thoughts that I’m having … since day one I would always draw out and design what I would wear on stage.”

No solid date has been given as to when the shirts will hit the market, but Andre promises that they’ll be available “really soon.”


  1. At A Crossroads on December 15, 2014 at 6:54 am

    I’d wear them

  2. butterbeanbabe on December 16, 2014 at 12:12 am

    this guy is hands down a downlower , he may be a cross dresser like marvin gay dad was , appearing to be normal , i know erica badu does not talk about him much . she must have found him out he i question men born and raised around atlanta as he has , most of them are questionable they have no bones about being sexy to women or dating them but f..ucking a man behind doors . the rumor about him has been floating around atlanta for a minute i just wonder why he so eccentric . may be the bases behind outkast break up big boi dont seem like he play that . but you gotta let a person be who they are , there is no way he aint dressing gayish and not actual at the lease bi sexual ., i saw him in a club in atlanta couple years ago it was a comedy club he was with a bunch of guys and htey all look questionable on had on girly clothing following andrea out the door ummm