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Cruel police interrogation of John Crawford’s girlfriend, Tasha Thomas

Cruel police interrogation of John Crawford’s girlfriend Tasha Thomas

Cruel police interrogation of John Crawford’s girlfriend Tasha Thomas


The murder of John Crawford by police inside a Walmart in Ohio for carrying a toy gun shocked the nation. But what is even more shocking is the treatment of his girlfriend, Tasha Thomas, by Beavercreek Police immediately after the shooting. In a recently released video, Beavercreek Police Detective Rodney Curd tells Thomas “You lie to me and you might be going to jail.”

Thomas is visibly upset as she is brutally questioned by Curd who attempts to frame her for a crime. When threatened with arrest she breaks down and tells Curd that she has a job and family and she has done nothing. But Curd continues to interrogate Thomas and asks her why did Crawford have a gun and did he make any threats to shoot his ex-girlfriend. The questions are cruel and try to paint a narrative that Crawford was armed and had criminal intent when he was shot for holding a toy gun while talking on his cellphone with his mother. The video of the interrogation can be seen below:





  1. visitor on December 16, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    This man should not have a job. But this is the legal system at work. Its a good idea for minorities to know their rights and lawyer up. He trying to get her to say that Crawford had a gun so they could plant one there. It would have given them justification for using deadly force. Its embarrassing and sad that he knows that the gun was a toy and off the self. He is trying to do damage control, to find any reason what so ever to find them guilty and its shameful to look at. If there was no store camera no one would have ever know anything.

  2. Blanche Starbong on January 5, 2015 at 1:42 am