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Is Safaree suicidal over Nicki Minaj breakup?



Nicki Minaj finally let down her guard this week when she revealed in a recent and tear-filled interview that she was heartbroken and lost after breaking up with her boyfriend of 12 years, Safaree Samuels. But according to a new report, Minaj isn’t the only one taking the breakup hard, and Safaree is allegedly suffering a dangerous meltdown over it.

According to TMZ, sources are claiming that Samuels has been opening up to friends and telling them that he’s depressed over his split with Minaj. The source claims that Samuels has isolated himself and smokes weed all day to soothe his pain. The source claims that things have gotten so bad for Samuels that he’s revealed to his friends that he’s contemplated suicide.

Samuels has also allegedly told his friends that he refuses to contact Minaj because he believes that she’s now in a rebound romance with Meek Mill, whom he also believes broke up his relationship.

However, when Minaj recently spoke about her breakup with Samuels, she denied dating Meek and claimed that it was the industry that broke her and Samuels up.

“If I wasn’t a rapper, we would have children, be married, and be living happily every after. And that’s what we’re both sad about because we know that this s— is what did it,” Minaj said.

We’re not sure if the rumors of Samuels suicidal thoughts are true, and we hope they aren’t, but based on his Instagram page he seems to be moving on. However, he did allude to his depression during a recent Twitter post. Check out what he had to say after the cut.

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  1. butterbeanbabe on December 19, 2014 at 11:29 am

    what a lie saying if it wasnt for the industry you would be married , well nicky you didnt marry him because from the time you come on board of celebrity, you should have married him but the industry as you call it been in your ear then and now it was your guilt by association with his family and freinds that made you stay…. you grew up with this guy no better reason to marry than iwth someone you been knowing a whille your approaching 30 it took lil kim to late 30s to realize no one want an ageing rapper female. yuck .. and you my dear is not really a rapper just a naal whinning ballon booty with to much surgury and a misson to twerk your life away til someone pull you over and beg you to stop making a fool of you. … kids now may love you 5 years from now you betta have a plan you aint as young as selena gomez or tayler swift , and plus your tring to dominate in a field females rarely succeed as kim and trina . whom probably is laughing they ass off at you and your booty tricks . men are the only ones intrigued by you .. we could tell by uour reception on the THE REAL ….. you may AS WELL KEEP SAFAREE CAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL NOT SEE YOU AS AN OBJECT OR A SEX TOY … YOU ARE THE ONE LEAST LIKELY TO OVER COME YOUR DAMAGE FROM YOUR IMAGE GIRL BYE

    • Cheryl Denise Dunn on December 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm