Festive dining table décor with celebrity stylist Lloyd Boston



“I’m grateful to attend lot of celebrity parties in L.A. and New York. I try to take inspiration from those moments and take them back to my friends and family. Family Dollar is a new friend, so why not bring those tips back to shoppers who can do that same look and feel at a much lower price. It’s all about giving more and spending less,” says style guru Lloyd Boston. Here are a few tips from Boston.

  1. You know adding style to the holiday table is one of my favorite parts of the season. I love creating a tablescape for my mom. It helps bring me down from the busy year and [I] also love helping her express herself with her food and today I’m doing it with Pat’s gorgeous food, with this beautiful holiday tablescape that kind of takes its cues from the red carpet. Red is always a classic theme that makes everything pop. You want to start with a gorgeous tablecloth. I found this one at Family Dollar for $6 and I love the herringbone texture in it. It gives it a little fashion attitude beneath all this gorgeous accents.
  1. Lighting [is] key once again. If you don’t have a gorgeous pendant light you want to do candlelight around the food and around the different details. So you can add votive candles — not too many; these are scented and I love them because they are a dollar a piece so you can add a few here and there. It adds little twinkling light around the food and the drinks you can also mix in LED candles on a great tablescape. These are battery operated and they have a timer on it; they come four in a pack for $10.
  1. I love decorating with cylinders; one because you can find them at just about any craft store and you don’t have to put flowers in them so tonight I‘m going to do light little touches of bling. These are oversized ornaments from Family Dollar they cost a dollar each; they come in shine, they come in matte, they come in patterns you can load them up to the very top and they add a great sculptural moment to any table. You want to add flowers to your tablescape even if you can’t get to a fresh florist. I love these faux poinsettias from Family Dollar. They come in matte or shine and they are about three dollars a bunch and you can stack them up on the back and kind of give it the feel of a hearth around the food. That’ a great touch!
  1. So here’s [another] quick tip for the holiday season; you’ll add style and won’t spend a lot of money. These are metallic holiday lights; they come in gold and other colors. They are five dollars a strand and what I like to do instead of just putting them on the tree or the mantle, why not make a light sculpture for the tablescape or maybe for a kid’s room. They are battery operated. You can place them right into a cylinder vase and you can arrange them the way you want on a tablescape, on a mantle, in a kid’s bedroom. It’s so cool, so inexpensive; they are five dollars a strand so you can make them low or high. I love it.
  1. These tinsel trees are a great way to add height. They start at a dollar from mini to tall. You can put this one together in three minutes and this one requires no assembly at all. This is almost like the bling factor of the table; think of it as jewelry on your outfit.

“So the holidays don’t have to be stressful. I’ve given you a bunch of great way to add style to your family table by giving more and spending less. Happy Holidays!”


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