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White police officer not charged with killing mentally ill Black man in Milwaukee



Another police officer has gotten away with killing an unarmed Black man. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ex-police officer Chris Manney will not be charged with the murder of Dontre Hamilton.

In April, Hamilton, who is mentally ill, was sleeping in a park when two officers arrived to check on him and found that he was doing nothing wrong. Manney arrived at the park after the officers left and approached Hamilton.

At some point, Manney claimed that he and Hamilton got into a physical altercation. Manney said he felt threatened and shot Hamilton 14 times. Hamilton died at the scene.

Manney was fired from his position, but he also faced criminal charges. However, Milwaukee County D.A. John Chisholm decided that Manney used justified force in killing Hamilton.

Hamilton’s family and thousands of upset citizens have protested in the streets over the recent decision. In 2014, the murders of several unarmed Black men by the hands of police have prompted protests around the world.

The situation has gotten more tense after two NYPD officers were killed by a man who claimed that he was seeking revenge for the murders of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office will investigate Manney and Hamilton’s murder.

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