Blue Ivy Carter’s cutest photos of 2014

Blue Ivy Carter 2014 photos

Blue Ivy Carter is gearing up for a new year, and another birthday! Turning three a week into 2015, we have seen Blue Ivy deal handle fame like a champ. Beyoncé and Jay Z have been so gracious to share photos of Blue Ivy with their fans, exposing her to the perils of social media, but in the end, Blue came out winning! Hair critics found themselves in a conundrum as they debated the state of the 2-year old’s natural hair, while baby Blue grew into a beautiful little girl now sporting a variety of hairstyles. We can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for one of our favorite celebrity kids!

Take a look back at 2014 with the cutest photos of Blue Ivy Carter!



Renee Gardner

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