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Louis Smith strips down for gay magazine


Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has been a dedicated ally to his gay fan base for years now, speaking out for LGBT rights and equality in the world of sports. Now Smith has taken his ally role in a much sexier direction with the news that he’s posed nude for the latest “naked” issue of Gay Times magazine.

Gay Times unveiled Smith’s nude photo on Christmas Day and revealed that the issue will be benefiting Balls to Cancer, a testicular cancer campaign.

Louis Smith - Naked Gay Times Cover

Inside the issue, Smith opens up about his gay fan base and how he’s often thought of as gay.

“I think when I ask people, ‘why do a lot of people think I’m gay?’ they say, ‘oh you look like you take care of yourself, look after your hair, your beard’s all nice, you don’t talk like an Essex lad [changes to Essex accent] goin’ on about BANGIN’ GIRLS,’ ” Smith explained.

But regardless of what people think of his sexuality, Smith says he’s glad that peple across the board find him attractive.

“It’s flattering. No one goes into gymnastics to become famous and the whole reason why I’ve got recognition all stems from gymnastics. Whether my fans are gay, straight, women, men, dogs with Twitter accounts, I’m so grateful for it all,” he explained.

And that’s not all that Smith talked about. Read what Smith had to say about gay athletes as well as LGBT equality after the cut.

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