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5 luxury cars with the comforts of home


If you’ve got the bank, luxury car makers have got the goods. In some of the higher-end vehicles there is an abundance of features that are made to give you a level of comfort that you’ve never dreamed of experiencing as you tool around town. Check out these seriously luxurious cars with extras that you won’t find in your average Ford or Nissan:

  1. Bentley Mulsanne:  The Mulsanne is considered by some to more of a mobile office than a mere car. The rear of the vehicle comes complete with matching drop-down iPads (both with keyboards) — allowing you to focus on business on the road, while your driver gets you from A to B.
  2. Rolls-Royce Phantom: While the Phantom has long been known as the true “carriage” of the wealthy, the modern Phantom goes to new extremes to pamper its owners. Sure, there is an umbrella holder built into the door (sporting, of course, a Rolls-Royce umbrella), but the luxury appointments don’t end there. Want to put your young ones to sleep in the fashion to which they’ve become accustomed? The Phantom offers a starlight headliner that gives the feeling of relaxing under a starlit night.
  3. BMW 745i:  The 745i comes chocked full of high-end and high tech accoutrements, but probably the coolest thing in the car (if you’re riding in the rear) is the reclining seats. After a hard day in the office or even a day of leisurely sailing, how cool is it to have a recliner in the car — while you chill out and catch a little television.
  4. Audi A8: As if the A8 wasn’t already a killer on every level, Audi had to go and make it just a little better. The A8 has a rear entertainment system that rivals most middle class homes, and to top it off, Audi has included jump seats — showing off the amount of extra room incorporated into the car.
  5. Maybach:  Although the Maybach is no longer in production, it has to get at least an honorable mention in any list of vehicles featuring extreme luxury features. The Maybach not only featured reclining seats, and entertainment center to die for and privacy curtains (to avoid the stares of the common folk), it also featured its own champagne cooler-fridge.