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Director Ava DuVernay on the King family’s reaction to ‘Selma’


To say that director Ava DuVernay has faced hurdles in bringing the civil rights drama, Selma, to the big screen is an understatement.

After being the third director brought on board, having to redo the script, literally begging Oprah Winfrey to be a part of the project, and having to write the Dr. King-esque speeches in the film after being denied permission by his estate to use his actual speeches, it’s somewhat of a miracle that DuVernay was able to put together a worthwhile film at all, let alone a film that could contend for an Academy Award soon.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, DuVernay speaks on having Dr. King’s children give their approval after viewing the film and what they said that brought tears to her eyes:

“[Bernice King and Martin Luther King III] both saw the film and we were at Ms. Winfrey’s home where they saw the film side-by-side with [Civil Rights activists] John Lewis and Andrew Young, with C.T. Vivian and Diane Nash and Joseph Lowery and Dick Gregory and Sidney Poitier. They expressed satisfaction at the way that it was done. It meant so much, not just for the King children to say, but also the people who stood next to King during these times…. and so for them to say, ‘Yes, this is right’ or ‘Yes, this is well done.’  That’s what brought tears to my eyes, when all of them were together. It’s been an amazing experience.”

DuVernay just made history as the first Black woman ever to be nominated for a Golden Globe in the motion picture directing category.

Selma is currently playing in limited release and will hit theaters nationwide on Friday Jan. 9.


  1. britishrose on January 5, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    UMM WELL DONE , I THOUGH oprah directed the movie i quest she was one of the actor and she promoting it well . . . but oprah is the wrong one to be promoting a movie that depict the civil right era she is pro white and is out of touch with her race issues in america as of today .. the hell with the 50s its hell on earth the ameggedon now . . she critisised the way the marches are conducted against police brutaility that is just a slice of the pie of what is going on im america thats nothing in comparison to what is really going on … she is out of her mind . she grew up in the civil rights era , and im sure felt plenty of dirty starres from whites when she went in stores SELECTED MEMORIE DONT HELP OPRAH … YOU WERE THERE .. so to not be in touch as she is now is really devastating for some to hear , the movie does nothing but validate , that era , first time i seen a real movie about dr king , i wonder why his kids wouldnt let the real speeches be heard ? dont make since then turn around and lik the movie , i quest the thought it would be watered down and cheap , like all the other movies attempted ., on a fixxed budget oprah payed for this movie out of her pocket she also payed for the butler to have all the things it had to look great those cinemas and plots are costly , and she payed thats great … but oprah should have done all this pro black stuff 29 years ago when her show first aired and through out her time on tv . instead she kissed up to whites for ratings and got that but got rappers and black folks pissed at her i still dont trust her, because of how she abandon her mother .now ..