Illinois’ new laws for 2015


Every new year brings a lot with it, including a new set of laws for citizens to follow. Check below for a few of Illinois’ highlights. Click here for the full listing. 

  • Increased speed limits  The speed limit on tollways and interstates increases to 70 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour for semis.
  • Traffic stops – There will be no ticket quote for police, and your driver’s license will also not be held as bond anymore when issued a ticket.
  • Pregnancy in the workplace – Pregnant women in the workplace must now be provided reasonable accommodations, including frequent bathroom breaks and time to pump their milk.
  • Homeowner damage disclosure – Those selling homes must now disclose any and all known door and window damage.
  • Beer tax will now be extended to hard ciders.
  • Medical marijuana for seizures – Children with seizures will now qualify for a medical marijuana oral-liquid to treat epilepsy.
  • E-Cigs  E-Cigarettes must be kept behind store counters and vapor refills must come in child-proof packaging.
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