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Black mayoral candidate in Chicago invests $1 million in his own campaign


Dr. Willie Wilson is a familiar name in certain circles in Chicago. The multimillionaire is a well-known philanthropist who rose from abject poverty in the segregated South to owning five McDonald’s, a music and media production company, and a medical supply company that currently generates over $60 million annually. A Chicagoan since 1965, Wilson has decided to through his hat into the ring as a candidate for mayor of the city of Chicago.

Knowing full well the personal and economic costs it takes to run for office, Wilson recently put $1 million of his own money toward a campaign that he hopes will land him in the same position as his friend Bruce Rauner: a wealthy private sector entrepreneur at the helm of one of the largest municipalities in the country.

In addition to his for-profit ventures, Wilson has authored the book “What Shall I Do Next When I Don’t Know What Next To Do” as a way to share the wisdom that has propelled him to his current success. He is also the chairman of the Chicago Baptist Institute International, a singer, and longtime producer of the gospel music television show, “Singsation.” Click here to learn more about him.