Is Malia Obama a fan of Joey Bada$$?


Social media is abuzz with the above pic of Malia Obama rocking a Pro-Era T-shirt, seemingly showing love to the hip-hop collective, just in time for the release of Joey Bada$$’ upcoming independent release. For those unfamiliar, Pro Era, short for Progressive Era, is a group of next generation hip-hop heads hailing from Brooklyn, New York. It includes, among others, rappers Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Dyemond Lewis, A La $ole, Rawle, Dirty Sanchez, Ali and T’nah Apex, along with producers Chuck Strangers and Powers Pleasant.

Formed around 2009 by Capital STEEZ, Joey Badass, CJ Fly and Powers Pleasant, the collective boasts around 47 people who are not only musicians, but promoters, photographers, directors, publicists and designers as well. They’ve been building a buzz for a hot minute and, well, if you’ve got Malia rocking your jawn (aka T-shirt) then, they must’ve finally made it.

Click here to sample their musical palette. I’m out.

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