Showdown in Chicago: Michael Jordan vs. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson 660 Reuters

Sooo … Mike Tyson’s former manager, Rory Holloway, has written a book titled, Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson. In it, there’s story after story of Mike wildin’ out, taking things to the extreme inside, outside and way outside of the ring. The New York Post recently provided a quick glimpse of what readers should be ready for. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the stories involves Mike Jordan and Mike Ditka. You can’t get more Chi-Town than that. Read on:

“I’m telling the server to water his drinks down ‘cause I see where this is going. Mike stares across the table at Michael Jordan. He says, ‘Hey man, you think I’m stupid? I know you f—-d with my b—-.’

“Jordan looks like he [sic] just seen a ghost. ‘I know you messed with her,’ Mike says. ‘You can tell me.’

“Jordan, it’s obvious he just wants to get up and run. He wants no part of this. Mike turns to Ditka. ‘Man, you think somebody scared of you, all that racist s— you been talking?’ He says to Dent, ‘Y’all scared of this damn white man, Richard? He ain’t nobody. You gonna let him talk that way?’

“It was a circus, for real, that night. Don King trying to change the subject. Me and John trying to hold Mike down. Mike telling everyone he’s going to bust Jordan’s a–. Jordan’s dressed sharp as always and he can’t get out of there fast enough.”

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