20 brands of beer owned by MillerCoors


Everyone who has enjoyed a good sporting event or two in their life — or is a fan of the neighborhood pub — has heard of the world-famous MillerCoors brand. Having been established well over 100 years ago, Coors has played an integral part in an endless number of parties, celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends.

With such a well-known brand, there is likely something that most of us don’t know about MillerCoors, and that is the company is made up of a number of very popular brands that have gained significant fame in their own rights. Below is a partial list of the brands that are owned by MillerCoors. Some are obvious and some very surprising, but all are from one quality producer of good times.

  1. Coors – the signature brand was initially introduced to the world in 1873. Coors built a following over the years – culminating in national distribution in the U.S. beginning in 1981.
  2. Coors Light – branded as the “World’s Most Refreshing Beer,” this light brand has become the second highest selling beer in America. Coors introduced new and unique packaging with light.
  3. Extra Gold Lager – a tasty lager that has flown under the radar. Coors is careful to use only premium ingredients with their lager – giving it a full flavor with smooth texture.
  4. Hamm’s – brewed using extremely pure water and choice malts, Hamm was first introduced in 1865.
  5. Icehouse – Icehouse has the distinction of being the first ice beer produced in the U.S. Icehouse was released in 1993, following on the heels of the successful national introduction of the Coors brand.
  6. Keystone Ice – another well-known brand under the Coors umbrella. Keystone is recognized by its crisp clean flavor.
  7. Keystone Light – released in 1989 keeping in step with the demand for light beers.
  8. Keystone Premium – a richer crisp and refreshing version of the now famous Keystone brand.
  9. Magnum – a malt liquor produced by Coors to enable the company to move forward with its mission to have an offering for every palate.
  10. Mickey’s – another malt liquor from Coors – with a full bodied flavor & sweet aroma.
  11. Mickey’s Ice – meeting consumer demand for an ice version of their well-received malt liquor, Coors began brewing Mickey’s Ice.
  12. Miller Chill – one of many Miller brands. Chill is a light beer accented with a twist of lime.
  13. Miller Fortune – one of the newest brands from MillerCoors, flavored with caramel malts, this brand was released in February of 2014.
  14. Miller Genuine Draft – is a cold-filtered brew – with a flavor that matches brews straight from the tap.
  15. Miller High Life – considered the champagne of beers by many. High Life was introduced over 100 years ago.
  16. Miller High Life Light – though it took almost 100 years for the light version to be introduced, it has gained quite a following since its 1994 release.
  17. Miller Lite – this was the founding brand for the light beer movement – beginning in 1975. Lite has made a name of being a great taste that is less-filling.
  18. Miller64 – introduced as a solution for people who wanted less calories in their brew.
  19. Milwaukee’s Best Ice – a smooth ice lager that was first released in 1994.
  20. Milwaukee’s Best Light – offers a light-bodied, crisp flavor that is economically priced.
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