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Iggy Azalea scores major win against ex-boyfriend


For several months now, Iggy Azalea has been embroiled in a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, whom she’s suing for downloading her personal computer and trying to sell her music, as well as their sex tape to porn companies. And now it appears that Iggy has finally scored a major legal win against Wine.

According to TMZ, the songs that Wine stole off of Iggy’s computer were unpolished and unfinished. Iggy called them “inferior” and claims she never wanted them to see the light of day as they are.

Despite this, Wine compiled the songs into one project and began selling it last year as an album called Inizio.

But luckily for Iggy, on Monday a federal L.A. judge compared Inizio music videos to her current ones and decided to issue a preliminary injunction to block Wine from selling the recordings, and using Iggy’s name to promote them.

Unfortunately, the case isn’t over yet, but at least for now Iggy won’t have to worry about Wine selling her music.